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Thread: Anime RPG Guide

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    Anime RPG Guide

    1. type -create
    2. done

    How to make 3 basic item :-

    1. buy the 3 basic

    2. get item from bosses
    3. done

    How to get claw :-

    1. make the merged sheep by the eggs at the huge animal place.

    2. to make it, collect all the egg types from the huge animal.. after u have 6 of it ( frog , racoon , rabbit , sheep , chicken , rat ), type -create
    3. it will form a new item.. now get the egg from the boss at huge animal place (flying sheep), get it then type -create (now u have merged sheep.)
    4. now collect 10 gold at dinosaur place ( the one that doesn't need to use the scroll ) and go at level 800 town, search for a log there, at the center of it, theres a old man.. he will make u a new item.
    5. now collect 10 gold at the dinosaur place (which need the scroll) or take a ready made stacked. go at the old man.. and new item formed.
    6. now go at wolf place and get one of it ( the wolf armor ) when u done, combine merged sheep , those gold's item ( from the 10 gold's ) and the wolf armor (all 4 of it) by -create
    7. done

    How to make orb :-

    1. get the orb from the frog at spawn place

    2. get the orb from gundam boss
    3. get the orb from 1.5L spider
    4. get the orb from teletubbies boss (red orb)
    5. type -create (must have 4 of it in ur inventory)
    6. done

    How to get project :-

    1. be level 4k

    2. complete the 3 basic's
    3. get the book from the boss red dino
    4. go at 2nd town ( level 100 ) and in the building from door
    5. done

    วิธี up class 3

    1. เก็บ level ให้ได้ถึง level 6000
    2. อัพดาบ,เกราะ,รองเท้าให้เป็น level สุดท้าย (ที่อัพจากโซน 700)

    3. ทำ orb
    4. ทำ claw
    5. ฆ่าหัวหน้าไดโนเสาร์สีแดงแล้วเก็บ book มันมา
    6. พิมพ์ -create
    7. ไปที่เก้าอี้ banehallow ดูรูป

    7. คุณเป็น class 3 แล้ว

    How to make level 5999 back :-

    1. go at spawn place

    2. step on the 3 chopped tree near the branch at the spawn place
    3. done

    ลองอ่านดู ^^ ผมไปก๊อปมาเป็นอังกฤษเลย

    download map:
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